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New York Rangers Meet Boston Bruins in Season Opener


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AP Photo/Seth Wenig

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Tonight is the night that all NHL fans have been waiting for, the season opener after a long and bitter lockout, the third under NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.  As the Rangers head to TD Garden tonight to play the Bruins, this will be the start of a schedule that is brutal to open any season, especially one that only has 48 games before the playoffs begin.

The Rangers will play the likes of the Bruins(2), Pittsburgh Penguins(2), Toronto Maple Leafs(1) and Philadelphia Flyers(2) within this first seven games.  But tonight, it will be the defense that must step up and set the tone for the Rangers, as the Bruins enter with one of the toughest young teams in the NHL.

Rangers G Henrik Lundqvist must be sharp, as the Bruins will come at him from all angles with forwards Patrice Bergeron, Tyler Seguin, Chris Bourque and Jordan Carron.  Along with Lundqvist, the Rangers defense will have to be able to skate physically and controlled while protecting the crease from hangers.

Players like Michael Del Zotto, Dan Girardi, Marc Staal and Ryan McDonagh will have to play big these first few games until the offense can get going with new addition Rick Nash.  The off-season acquisition from the Blue Jackets has the opportunity to play with some of the best talent he has had in his career with Brad Richards and Marion Gaborik, and Rangers fans would love for his sniper ability to uplift an offense that was pedestrian in last year’s playoffs.

The Bruins will be used to playing at the top of the Northeast Division for quite some time, and the Rangers are looking to stay at the top of the Eastern Division.  There could not be a better way to get the hockey juices flowing after a lengthy lockout.

Bruins rookies D Doug Hamilton and LW Chris Bourque will be ready to make their debuts tonight, and the inexperience may be the difference to put the Rangers over the top to win the game.  The Rangers will counter with a lineup that is spewing with veterans that took them to the conference finals last season.

If the Rangers can come out with some quick wins early, that will set the pace for this speedy NHL season that will be sure to make interesting storylines.  Let’s just hope that the lack of preseason and exhibition games does not hinder the Rangers from skating clean and producing on both sides of the ice.  One thing to concentrate on is the length of shifts that Coach John Tortorella keeps out there while trying to avoid early injuries that can cripple a run.

So, as some fans are not sure whether to welcome back the NHL after another lockout, the arenas will be full and the players will be sure to make it worth your while to watch.  Enjoy the game tonight, and remember: Let’s Go Rangers!

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Massachusetts…Do You Need a Change?


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In 2008, Massachusetts voted overwhelmingly in favor of Barack Obama and his “change” mantra.  Maybe they were tired of the way their country had been run by republicans, or it was just the fact that John McCain simply did not appeal to them.  Whatever the case, the state decided to vote Democrat across the board in the House and Senate, and they believed that the change would come.  Again in 2010, this liberal state decided to keep a Democratic presence across the board and one can only hope that they will do the same in 2012.

As I watched the Republican National Convention these past few days, it is evident that the GOP does not have any solid morals as to their direction of this country.  The blame solely rests on Barack Obama and the Democratic party without looking in the mirror at their own part in this country’s dour circumstances.  Repeatedly, the GOP has voted down several initiatives that could have progressed jobs, education and healthcare in this nation, solely for their own benefit to berate the POTUS any chance they could.

I am of the firm belief that this country can no longer be run by a POTUS, no matter the party, but needs full cooperation of the Senate and Congress to grow.  Obama, in his first four years has been battled the whole way and has still been able to accomplish quite a bit with all the negativity and lack of support from the other party.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have hidden agendas that will stall this country’s  growth for years to come if elected. Massachusetts, your neighbors and fellow nationals need every one of your eleven electoral votes once again in order to keep a positive leader in office once again.

But this is not only about the POTUS.  The nation also needs you to stay on the path of electing Democrats in the House and Senate to help Obama set the tone for the future.  Register to vote in your state and then educate yourself to what Romney and his partner will do for or against this country.  Mitt Romney’s voting record and issues can be found on Project Vote Smart and you can find Ryan’s voting record here.  By researching and distinguishing the truth from the lie, you can make an educated decision before casting your ballot.

Some other links that I like to pass around are:, Obama’s AccomplishmentsSimple Truth On Obamacare, 99 Facts about Romney

I use these links to hopefully spread the truth about who it is you might be voting for in this year’s election.  You can always check my other posts for other links that may shed light on the candidates.  Please do not allow this to be a #saddayforusa2012. Register to vote, then vote wisely as this country needs your support to build a healthier nation.  Do not fall victim to the lies, rhetoric and pep rally hoopla that the GOP is trying to shade the truth with.

My First Impression of Paul Ryan is…Liar


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Paul Ryan began his Republican National Convention speech last evening with a “I want to give you a first impression” mantra as the vice presidential nominee for the GOP.  Well, after hearing his “speech” to use a loose term, I have a very good first impression of what the presidency will look like in four years if this man and his cohort Mitt Romney are elected.  I felt like walking into a car dealership to buy a car from the worst of salesmen with a plaid suit and wide ties and smiles.  From the rhetorical spins, to the mudslinging, to the preposterous, flat out lies about Barack Obama, I guess this is what politics is really all about.

I guess Ryan forgot about mentioning Romney’s health care plan for Massachusetts and how it was the model for “Obamacare” as many call it.  In fact, Romney gave a PowerPoint Presentation on this very healthcare that the GOP readily try to repeal now 37 times.  This new voucher system that Romney and Ryan are now trying to convince the people to accept will in the long run be even more out of pocket costs for the elderly than the current system.  The GOP needs to help shape this healthcare rather than dismantle it completely, but they refuse to work with any Democrat to get the job done.

Ryan also tried to blame Obama for the closing of a General Motors plant in Wisconsin, but he wasn’t in the Oval Office at that time.  And if it wasn’t for Obama and his bailout of the auto industry, many more jobs and revenue would have been lost.  Then there is the “fact” by Ryan that under Obama, college graduates have not been able to find gainful employment in their field of choice and it is Obama’s fault for not creating those jobs.  Most graduates choose liberal arts or vague degrees and are not electing to go into the programs that there are plenty of jobs such as the sciences or math.  These jobs are plentiful and the country needs to go elsewhere for specialized employees because the American youth has become lazy. That is not Obama’s fault.

Many lies were passed last night and it is very difficult for me to understand who is the most irresponsible: The GOP telling the lies, or the citizens who are actually clapping and buying them.  What is so difficult about taking the time and researching the words that are passed off as truths?  It is no longer about being a Democrat or Republican.  Both parties do their share of lying.  But when is enough going to be enough?  Do you want some easy reference links to seek the truth?  I will include them after this article.  But do not allow this to be a #saddayforusa2012 by voting for one party or the other without knowing the truth.

We teach our children not to lie, and to be respectful to all we come in contact with.  Well, it is time to register to vote, educate yourself to who is the best candidate, and then hold our representatives to those same standards.  My first impression is one that usually serves me well, and the one I have of Paul Ryan is of a liar that will say anything to get where he has to go.  The old adage that “you can’t B.S. a B.S artist” instantly came to mind.  You need to make your own decision as what impression was left on yourself, but no matter what it was, I implore you to seek the truth and help hold our politicians to some sort of morals and standards.
Obama’s Accomplishments
Romney’s 99
Paul Ryan Voting Record
Simple Truth About ObamaCare

Maryland…Do You Need a Change?


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The state of Maryland was at one time a swing state, but in recent elections, has turned into a Democratic watering hole.  In 2008, Barack Obama won the state with 62% of the vote and all but one House seat turned blue.  There was a realization that change was needed and the voters came out in force to support Obama and his platform.  In 2010, again the state voted to keep the House majority in the hands of the Democrats in 6 of the 8 districts.  So where will Maryland concentrate their electoral votes for Election 2012?  Only time will tell.  One thing that is for sure is that the voters need to be educated this year more than ever as we head into one of the most crucial elections in recent memory.

Where does the education come from?  By taking the rhetoric and mudslinging and weeding through the lies in order to make an informed decision.  Much has been thrown across the table from both the GOP and Democrats that it is very easy to get tired of political ways and not want to dig down deep for the truth.  This country is tired and the voters need to take back the election process by making the right decisions.  Here are a few ways that you, as a citizen can seek the truth and be sure that come January, the right leaders are put into office to guide us for the next four years and beyond.  But if you will not take the time to read, then there will be no reason for complaint later on.

First, you can register to vote on your Maryland site, then you can got to where all the information about your House of Representatives and Senate is at your fingertips.  This is where you can see just how your politicians work for or against you.  Then you must be willing to understand that this election is not so much about the POTUS, but more about those representatives that vote on your behalf.  The president can only do so much without the backing of the Senate or Congress.  Finally, do you have questions about the ACA(Obamacare)? How about the accomplishments that President Obama has since being in office?  Is Mitt Romney and his Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan good for this country?  All valid questions that need to be answered in the next sixty days.  Click the links below and you might be surprised at some of the findings.

We can not afford to allow this to be a #saddayforusa2012 when November 6th comes around.  Do yourself, your neighbor and your nation the favor and research before casting your ballot.  This can not merely be about Republican or Democrat any longer.  This must be about the right government as a whole.  Register to vote, educate yourself, and give this country a chance.

Obama’s Accomplishments

What is Obamacare?

Romney’s 99 Facts

Paul Ryan Voting Record


Maine…Do You Need a Change?


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     Maine, that northernmost state on the eastern seaboard with its four electoral votes is as important as any other when it comes to Election 2012. This year is not only imperative for the presidential seat, but the U.S. House of Representatives and some Senate seats as well.  Over the past five presidential elections, Maine has voted overwhelmingly democratic and that trend needs to continue this year as well.  I have tried not to allow one party to overshadow the other a I give out useful links to information that may be of help to voters who would like the truth.  Yet in my travels across the internet, the facts are present and they are predominantly for the democratic party.

You may ask why, but if you really need the answer, then you really haven’t been paying attention to the republican platform and their so-called truths about Obama and his administration.  Where do the lies end and the truth come out?  It is all in the facts.  Here are certain links that I have been basing my facts on as I continue on my path towards educating voters to take back the government.  Because that is what this is about.  Making the vote count and educating ourselves to stop the hemorrhaging that this nation has been doing for many years.  Election 2012 is about us, the citizens, and the world we will leave our children.  Do you want the truth, and are you willing to share it with others?

Then first you must register to vote in the state of Maine.  When that is complete, you need to decide if you are ready for the truth, or will only vote as a strict democrat or republican, or simply by name recognition.  One link you will be sure to find useful is  Any of the political views of one party to another may be found here, and all are checked based on simple fact, not fiction.  This site is a wealth of information that does not choose sides, merely gives the accurate rendition of the truth.  Do you know who your Congressman are that will be running this year as every seat in the House of Representatives is up for grabs?  Go to Maine Representatives and find out how your Congressmen vote, the issues they stand for, and do those issues and morals reflect your own.  Finally, check the following links I’ve provided so you can make an educated vote on November 6th.  Do not allow this to be a #saddayforusa2012.  This country needs your vote.  But most of all, your country needs your educated vote.

Obama’s Accomplishments

Romney Powerpoint on Healthcare

Easy Healthcare Points

Louisiana…Do You Need a Change?


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Louisiana had a streak snapped in 2008 of backing every winning president since 1972.  While voting for John McCain, evidently the bayou state was not impressed with Barack Obama’s platform of change in America.  After four years, and much double-talk and dishonest rhetoric from Republicans, I do not believe the impression has changed.  Yet, if the truth is discovered, quite possibly change might occur for the country as a whole.  This is not about Democratic or GOP anymore, Louisiana.  This is about weeding out the lies and making a wise and honest decision for yourselves and your children going forward.

Although President Obama is not favorably viewed by the public or the media, I believe these views to be wholly unfounded.  Check out this link of Obama’s 194 accomplishments since becoming POTUS, and yes, it includes fact checked links for your information.  You can look back on the past 50 years and be hard-pressed to find a POTUS with so little help achieving so much.  Would you like to know the basic truth with citations about the ACA Healthcare Law?  Again, citations are listed and you can decide for yourselves if the Republican sponsored repeals of the law are warranted.  Or you can just check out Mitt Romney‘s Powerpoint video on the same healthcare law that he promoted in 2006.  You see, Louisiana, the opportunity to fact check all of the rhetoric by every politician is available, you just have to know where to search.

But this isn’t even about just the presidential election coming up in November.  Are you aware that all seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are up for re-election?  Do you know who your Congressman are and how they vote on the issues for you, their constituents?  You can visit and click on the government section to find out all about your House and Senate reps for each district.  Find out their voting past and you might be surprised how members of each party do not necessarily have your best interest.  Then do the right thing and go to your voter registration site

The voice of the people must be heard this year, but they must be educated voices or the politicians will swindle us once again.  The difference between a corporate America and a prosperous one are hanging in the balance.  The more we outsource jobs because it is “menial” labor or deny Pell grants to college students and vote no on affordable home mortgage programs, the very fabric of this country fades.  We are becoming a two tier system of rich and poor as the middle class is slowly withering away.  This is the Republican dream.  This should not be the dream of the 99%.  Do not allow this to be a #saddayforusa2012, Louisiana.  Do yourself, your neighbor, your children and your country a favor and at least take the time to make a conscientious decision of fact.  Go to and see for yourself what misgivings are being passed around.  But whatever you do, do not go to the polls without the need for change.

Kentucky…Do You Need a Change?


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     The commonwealth of Kentucky has a motto that all can live by as we prepare for the upcoming 2012 elections.  That phrase is none other than, “United we stand, divided we fall.”  Seems like such an easy sentence to grasp, but the meaning reaches deep into the very fabric of our society.  Once again, this country is at a crossroads and it is up to each one of us to pull it together for everyone’s sake.  I am talking about educating ourselves so we may prevent further decline of our system of government that just can not seem to work together for the greater good.

We are a two-party nation, split between the Democrats, who fend for the rights of the 99%, and the GOP, who happen to defend the perfectly natural right of the rich.  But who will, and should succeed?  That is a question that we must answer for ourselves and take that decision to the polls.  And I’m not just talking the presidential election, but all available Congress seats up for grabs and any other seats open in your state from local to state to federal.  It is not merely up to the POTUS to run and fix our government, but those that surround him or her.  Do you, as a voter, understand who has been elected in your state?  Do you realize that your Senator Mitch McConnell has been seated for six consecutive terms dating back to 1984?  Have you perused his voting record and understand that he publicly acknowledges that 30 million Americans without insurance is not “the issue?”

How about the fact that McConnell also voted against a cloture on the motion to proceed to prevent a bill to provide incentives to bring jobs back to America?  These are the areas where we need to research and see just who we are voting for in these elections.  This country has been outsourcing jobs and then complains about the unemployment rate when it is our elected officials that have created this problem.  There are so many ways to find the truth out about who we are electing in this information age of the internet and databases that are wide open for our viewing.  You just need the knowledge of where to look.  I have found that

Do you want to know the simple truth of what the ACA, or Obama care as it is known, and what the republicans are trying to not let you find out? Then go to this very useful blog that I found that will explain it all titled, “What is Obamacare and what did it change?” This link will show you all that you need to know to make an informed decision without all the double talk.  As a citizen that may want the truth, you can also visit another site called the PCTC Blog that will list and cite all 194 of Obama’s accomplishments since taking office.  You see, by looking in the right places, there should be no amount of mudslinging from either side that should sway your mind, other than the truth.

Mitt Romney just named his running mate for 2012,  none other than Republican from Wisconsin, Paul Ryan.  This scares the hell out of me as it should you.  If you look good at his voting recordRyan voted YES on terminating the Home Affordable Mortgage Program, NO on a stimulus package for jobs, infrastructure and energy, and NO on additional $10.2Billion for federal education and HHS projects.  Look for yourself and tell me why you would put this team in office.  The facts are there, Kentucky, you just have to be willing to accept the notion that it should not be about voting GOP or Democrat anymore, but for the best possible candidate.  You’re eight electoral votes are needed to put to rest the possibility of another period of corporate gluttony while the middle class fades and we are left with a two tier society of rich and poor.

Barack Obama may not be the best POTUS we have ever had, but you will be hard-pressed to find any POTUS that history has been 100% favorable towards.  Even during the Reagan years we had an unemployment of 8.5% and good old Ronald wasn’t the most truthful man to his constituents. Heed your motto, because we need to stand united once again and let our elected officials know we will not tolerate their lies and deceit no longer.  Go to your Kentucky voter registration site , register, and cast your vote with confidence.

United States: The Next Empire To Fall?


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The definitive direction that the United States of America is ultimately headed is as murky as the Hudson River.  We are a nation that for so long has allowed our elected officials to be put on pedestals of greatness while they are merely attempting to gain an edge for personal gain.  When will it be the time for the voters to rise up and take control back from the political improprieties, outright lies and double-talk that has been the predominant way of our government?

Let me just say this:  If we, as citizens of this country, do not rise up and let our voice be heard, then the demise of this country will undoubtedly ensue.  You don’t believe what I say?  You doubt that the U.S. can go by way of the Romans, Byzantines or any of the great dynasties that this world has witnessed through time?  Does Sodom and Gomorrah remind you of anything?  We need to change our ways and realize that our leaders and their moral and ethical responsibilities must begin to mirror our own.

There comes a time when the system breaks down and it is simply impossible to climb out of the cesspool of ruin that ignorance and negligence have commanded.  In this election year 2012, do not be fooled that our direction rests solely upon our POTUS and the hopeful candidates that are trying to unseat him.  Our politics go deeper than anything a POTUS can change.  There are many states that have incumbents in their Congress and Senate that have been in office for two to three decades and in some cases longer.  This should be unacceptable to anyone that is a registered voter in their state.

How can any politician be a dedicated in-touch representative for their constituents when they have not witnessed the real troubles of Americans on a personal level?  To me, it is impossible.  If we continue to allow these seats to be filled by name recognition only, then we can only get what we deserve.  The process of change needs to be across the board from the local to state to federal levels of responsibility from all voters.  Do you know your representatives and understand how they vote for you on all matters?  Have you forged through the lies and rhetoric to comprehend the platform they are running upon?

Are you a voter that takes pride in all levels of government or are you the voter who shows up for only the presidential election, while just casting ballots for everyone else by going eeny-meeny-miney-mo?  Our country needs educated voters and those willing to take control of our irresponsible representatives.  There simply is no reason for America to rank, according to a 2010 study by OECD PISA report that states we are ranked 14th in English, 17th in Science and 25th in Math for developed countries.  Add to that the growing number of industry that is leaving for other countries and the slow fading of the middle class in this country and we are facing danger.

We are slowly becoming a two class system consisting of the rich and the poor.  If we do not begin now to give back to the country and strengthen our middle class, we will complete the transformation to this system within the next thirty to forty years.  Come 2050, the scope of the American landscape will be vastly different from what we see today.  And if you are not buying that theory, then just look at our past from and industrial country built with blood, sweat and tears, to a high-tech society that refuses to get their hands dirty and wants to outsource jobs to other countries.  When will it end?

So in the end, it is solely up to all of us to make a solid decision, which is what we should be asking of our two main political parties that refuse to work together to strengthen this country.  There is no longer a bi-partisan political government, it is every man and woman for themselves.  Maybe you are not seeing what I am, or even believing what you may call the chicken little theory, but history always repeats itself.  So do not allow this to be a #saddayforusa2012.  Register to vote in your state and then take the time to educate yourself of all candidates and maybe, just maybe the citizens will unite for a clearer path.  Because as history also suggests, a nation can lift itself up from the ashes and always rebound for the greater good of all its citizens.

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Kansas…Do You Need a Change?


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     Kansas, the state that resides in basically the middle of our great country has been a predominantly republican supporter for many years.  In 2008, while utilizing its six electoral votes towards hopeful John McCain, the people also voted in a strong GOP showing in its Congress and Senate.  In fact, the state of Kansas has not voted in a Democrat to its Senate since the Great Depression.  Why is that, Kansas? Do you honestly believe there has not been a worthy candidate from the Democratic side in nearly 100yrs?

     As the election of 2012 looms, it is imperative that you recover all the facts on the ones that are in the running for election, and I am not just talking about the presidential candidates, namely POTUS Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.  It is your duty as citizens to research all candidates from the House of Representatives, to the Senate, and just as important, your local levels.  This country is in a terrible position with both sides fighting the other with mudslinging and rhetoric that is actually very easy to weed through.  Yet, if you don’t take the time to educate yourself to the platforms that are being presented, then how is it possible for you to got to the polls and give your opinion?

     We all know about the smooth-talking ways of Barack Obama and his ever popular “ObamaCare” healthcare act.  Do you know what this act will do for America on its grander scale, or are you merely listening to the stories that this bill is against the American way?  An easy way to educate yourself on this bill is to go to “What exactly is ObamaCare and what did it change?”  This link will break down what the GOP does not want you to know.  Mitt Romney has been spreading all kinds of lies about our POTUS, yet he himself refuses to show his taxes, or lack thereof, but there are ways to check all of his notions.  You can visit What Has Obama Done and see for yourself what kind of president he has been for the past four years.

     Understand that while the perception is literally out there that Obama is nothing more than a lame-duck POTUS, we can change that by voting in the right people around him.  No president can run this country with the power that past presidents have shared.  The only hope is to rid our House and Senate of the out of touch incumbents that have been in office for the past twenty or thirty years.  These GOP and Democrats alike, are the reason we can not grow as a country.  Have you sought the voting records of your representatives in your state?  Do you actually know that they are voting for you and not just their personal agenda?  You can visit the government link on research anybody in your state and federal government.  Take the opportunity to research and I’m sure you will be amazed at what you find.

     Taxes right now are at a 30yr low under our POTUS and even unemployment is lower now than when Ronald Reagan was president.  So after eight years of a ridiculously run country under George Bush, it is amazing that we are in the position that we are and yet nobody gives Obama the credit he deserves.  Do you want to know the depth that Romney’s refusal to show his taxes literally go, then visit a piece I found that profiles Rachel Maddow’s investigation into his hypocrisy. Is this the type of government that you want, Kansas?  Visit your website and register to vote and allow that vote to count for yourself, your neighbor and your nation.  Do not allow this to be a #saddayforusa2012 by ignoring the opportunities that surround you to find the truth.  In this age of information, nothing is hidden if the right search is done.  Go, Kansas, take control of your government back and let the greedy politicians and mudslingers go home on November 6th.


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