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Theoretical basis for communication, Maximum data rate of channel, communications media, Network goals, Application of networks, protocol hierarchies, OSI reference model, Design issues for the layers in the model, Modulation and keying alternatives, multiplexing, modems, parallel and serial data transmission, handshake procedures, RS 232C, V.14/V.28, RS 449 interfaces, X.21, IEEE protocols, Link switching techniques.


Local Area Networks: Local communication alternatives, static and dynamic channel allocation in LANs, the ALOHA protocols, LAN protocols, IEEE logical link control, Ethernet, Token bus and Token ring protocols.                                                                               Data link layer: Design issues, Error detection and correction, sliding window protocols, Wide area network standards, SDLC, HDLC, X.25 protocols.



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Author: zoyagia1978

I'm Zoya Agia from Norway. I like all aspects of technology.

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